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We are a non-profit store in Kansas City whose purpose is to create a social impact by donating all proceeds to our charity partners, KidsTLC and Wayside Waifs.


Start a Conversation.
Wear Do Good Co. 

Building a more mindful world means starting with what we consume. Each year 92 Million Tons of textile waste is discarded to landfills, millions of micro-plastics are disposed into our environment and people get exploited by the fast fashion industry. As consumers, we have the ability to change this by shifting the demand for fast fashion products.


In shopping more sustainably, you're giving a garment that would otherwise end up in a landfill another chance. Wear garments that have a history…….start a conversation.


Meet our Partners

Kids TLC & Wayside Waifs 

Every donation, purchase and order goes directly to supporting giving animals another chance at life and resources to children and adolescents. 



KidsTLC provides an unparalled continuum of care for children and their families facing mental and behavioral health challenges, developmental trauma and autism. Their collaborative approach blends the expertise of varied specialties to address multiple challenges and diagnoses that hinder a child from thriving in their home community. KidsTLC strives to set each child on the best path forward to a safe, healthy future.



The Impact

  • 1,898 children and their families helped through KidsTLC programs in 2022

  • 36,220 total days of residential care provided to children in 2022

  • 15,664 hours of outpatient therapy provided at the Lotus Clinics at KidsTLC in 2022

  • 35,535 total treatment hours of autism treatment at the Trellis Center at KidsTLC in 2022


Wayside Waifs

Preparing pets and people for the bond of their lives. They accomplish their mission by protecting and caring for the animals under our watch; by reaching out to the community for love and support; and by teaching others about the profound joy that pets bring to our lives.


Wayside Waifs

The Impact

  • 3,477 animals adopted in 2021

  • 2,360 animals were spayed or neutered in 2021

  • 6,006 students reached by education programming in 2021

  • 202 lost animals were reunited with their families in 2021

  • 96% live release rate

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