“Haute-eco repurposed fashions,” began as Linda Sackin’s creative response to a vintage Chinese parachute she saw hanging in her husband’s store, Harry J. Epstein Company. Toulouse-Lautrec’s can-can skirts immediately popped into her mind, followed by images of couture fashion and ninja uniforms. The parachute’s layers of translucent fabric reminded her of clouds, echoed in our current store display. Thus inspired, her repurposing venture began. Refiguring these vintage parachutes into fashion is her way to recycle and curb the waste of the fashion industry; rather than creating new garments from natural resources, she creates new from existing material, salvaged and otherwise. Linda is similarly motivated to refashion objects of war and violence into peaceful, frivolous costumes; in a sense she is helping heal a very small segment by taking the once painful and turning it into the now beautiful. Each ethereal piece is one-of-a-kind, assembled with a combination of machine and hand sewing, meant to envelop women in layers of clouds of fantasy.


Volunteer with us!

Volunteer help is needed on a regular basis with a variety of tasks at Do Good Co. We rely on our wonderful volunteers to enable us to provide a continuing service to the community. All store proceeds are given to our charities.

When you sign up to volunteer for a shift, you might be asked to:

  • Steam clothing before being placed on the sales floor. This can be done sitting or standing.Hang and sort items that have been donated.

  • Box clothes that are being stored for another season or for the annual yard sale in August.

  • Provide minor repair of clothing; i.e., sewing a button, etc.

  • Make tags for clothing. This can be done sitting down.

  • Photograph inventory to sell online and help draft posts

When you come to volunteer, please let us know if you have any physical limitations and we will assign you an appropriate task.

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