Meet Ali Happer


Since the beginning, she provided a great deal of our images by using her talents to donate until formally joining the staff this year. In her own words, Ali loves Do Good Co. because of what it "stands for, serving kids, supporting mental health, and helping the sweet little pets in our city." She loves doing good because she truly believes it makes the world a happier place. Outside of Do Good Co., Ali is a Canadian-born girl married to a Midwestern boy who is known for driving out of her way to get a good latte. She classifies herself as "an introverted people person," but she ultimately wants to get to know you. She lives her life by the belief that every time you do something selfless, it makes your life (and someone elseโ€™s) just a little bit lighter. She believes in singing along to all of the songs, hugging those closest to you (often), and expressing gratitude every single day.

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