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Are you interested in donating to our mission, but have no idea where to begin?  We have created a team of professional organizers and closet specialists to remove the stress out of sorting through your closets and home. Contact any of the professionals below and they will assist you step-by-step through the donation process!

Does your closet have you feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Consider hiring me for a closet audit!  I’ll help take the frustration out of organizing and refreshing your wardrobe, by sorting out the things that “need to go,” from the things that are current and worth keeping.  I have ten years of experience in the fashion industry, and would love to put that experience to work in your closet!
— Sarah Hicks

Contact Sarah Hicks for more details.


Are you ready to SIMPLIFY your LIFE? I’m a Professional Organizer in Kansas City with more than 10 years experience in residential and small office organizing! I have proven skills in organization and problem solving with extensive testimonials from previous clients. One of my specialty areas includes closet organization, as well as the downsizing and relocation of belongings. Together, you and I can achieve a magazine look without remodeling or expensive upgrades. I’m all about keeping what you love and letting go of what’s in your way. My gentle guidance in decision-making makes the process pain-free.
— Mary Ellen Vincent

Contact Mary Ellen at OrganizeME for more details. 


Fashion is one way we can express our inner selves to the world. For over 15 years, I’ve worked within retail management to make women feel more confident. This experience has led me into homes and closets to help sift through the extraneous and curate a collection of pieces that no longer overwhelmes, but enhances one’s life. Rather than acquiring the season’s hottest trends or adding more to your closet, I would thoroughly enjoy assisting you in creating your perfect capsule wardrobe. Sometimes, less can be more.
— Krystal Piña McGill

Contact Krystal Piña McGill for more details.