Yard Sale

By Cori Fricke

Photo by @HayleyChristine13

Photo by @HayleyChristine13

This summer, we decided that we no longer had a need for our 3500 sq ft storage unit.  The money we spent on rent for the unit each month could better serve KidsTLC and KC Pet Project. We then had to figure out a way to either sell or store the things inside the unit. Why not a yard sale?

The sale was Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 17-19th. We put up a curtain inside the store to block off a corner, which will serve as our new (no added cost!) storage unit.  The sale started at noon on Friday, but people started pouring in around 10! We had racks and racks of clothing in front of the store, and home and accessories on the side. We also had large furniture pieces for sale inside the store. It’s hard to resist a good sidewalk sale!

We could not have pulled off this sale without our amazing volunteers! Everyone who came to help made the process much quicker and more efficient.  The tasks that would have taken the most time, like hanging clothes from boxes, setting up the home accessories, and driving the items from storage to the store took one-third of the time it would have taken us. We appreciate you more than you know, volunteers! YouMoveMe also patiently helped us move all of our items from the storage unit to the store, which we are incredibly thankful for.  After the sale, GOT JUNK came and picked up the items that we were unable to sell! Did you know that GOT JUNK responsibly recycles, donates, and disposes of the items they take?

Overall, we raised $8000 selling over 3000 items in 3 days! These proceeds will go directly towards benefitting KC Pet Project and KidsTLC.  We also had so many incredible people helping us every step of the way! Thank you to everyone who came out, we are so grateful that we get to work with such amazing organizations!